New Year to buy soft toys to send children

    New Year to buy soft toys to send children
    Did you know that a payment of double the love of IKEA Home Stuffed Toy teaching bazaar? Now in IKEA store to buy a plush toy to give the child so dedication twice the love Oh! Yes, the annual IKEA Stuffed Toy Teaching Bazaar is back! The IKEA Foundation has donated 67 million Euros to UNICEF and Save the Children since 2003 through the IKEA Stuffed Toys - Pass 99 The project has helped 11 million children in 46 countries.
    Everything is getting very good:
    In our country, since the establishment of the capital base in 2013, about 3,500 teachers now have access to child-oriented teaching methods so that children with disabilities can join other children in mainstream schools. (Source: Save the Children 2013) "Every time a plush toy is sold, the IKEA Foundation donates € 1 to the children's education program and gives more children the opportunity to receive the education they deserve." Little Contribution Cumulative together can bring about tremendous change, which is the philosophy of plush toys teaching has always uphold the activities.
    In the fall of IKEA, a large group of new brethren join the plush toy sales force, they may be very weak, but they will do their best to make this year's activities more successful in the early years, come to know these five little guys now: They also I walked out of the IKEA store came around us, appeared calling for each brother to participate in plush toys teaching bazaar Oh: we are good I am old brother Tuva Welcome to the plush toy auction site These partners are also we Are safe and reliable by the security check, please rest assured to buy Thank you for your support ~ also expect us to continue to focus on plush toys bazaar Oh New Year approaching, IKEA plush toys are given as gifts to the younger brother's New Year is continuing to hot, plush toys teaching The bazaar has turned your New Year's gift into a small one for the little brothers around the world who are in need of help. The bazaar continues until February 28th, so let's share the great vocation behind this little plush toy Farther it.

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