Is your home plush toy washed?

     Cute appearance, feel comfortable plush toys, has always been everyone's favorite. Whether it is happy or unhappy, they will be quietly accompanied by your side. However, a long time long love sweet plush toys will be dirty, in addition to unsightly, but also become a perfect place for bacterial reproduction, into our healthy invisible killer, lost them, and reluctant to. Therefore, in order to adhere to the bright plush toys and their own health, regular cleaning of plush toys is necessary.
    The following are several commonly used plush toy cleaning methods:
    First, the sun method
    Sun is the easiest plush toy cleaning method. UV can be useful to kill some invisible bacteria, to ensure that the basic health of plush toys. But to note that this approach is only applicable to the color contrast lighter plush, because the fabric and raw materials are not the same, and some can plush can be a simple fade. When the sun should be placed in the wild, if the sun shines through the glass, is not the effect of any sterilization. Often plush toys to get outside the sun drying is very good.
    Second, the washing method After a period of time, the appearance of plush toys will be due to dust and often touch the touch and black and dirty, at the moment sun can not recover the original appearance of plush toys, and therefore washed is necessary.
    Small plush toys that can be placed directly into the washing machine and then hung in a ventilated place to dry it. If the fabric is simple and simple damage to the plush, the hard look at yourself, hand wash.
    Large plush toys can also be put into large pots for cleaning, but compared to laborious, can also find the appearance of the seams, open, remove the filling for special cleaning, and then hang in the ventilation to make it dry.
    Third, disinfection method
    The longer the plush toy, the appearance and the presence of bacteria inside the more, just washed with water is now can not reach the cleaning effect. At this point, it is necessary in the water into the appropriate cleaning agent for disinfection. In the wash together, we can participate in the appropriate washing powder or laundry liquid for disinfection, to reach the anti-bacterial and anti-mite function.
    In the process of disinfection and washing after drying, be sure to intermittently on the plush toys to beat, so that the appearance and filling loose soft, good wash before washing the appearance.

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