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     Plush toys is a kind of toy, it is made of plush fabric and other textile materials as the main fabric, the internal stuffing of various fillers made of toys, the English name (plush toy), can also be called soft toys (Soft toy), stuffed toy (stuffed toy) China's Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao into a "plush doll". At present we habitually put the cloth velvet toy industry called plush toys.
    All domestic production and sale of plush toys should be marked factory name, site and quality certification mark, and use standardized Chinese characters. Imported toys should also be used in Chinese toys. The description of the toy should have a lot of information on the goods, to read carefully. China plush toys trading network Xiao Bian suggested that in the purchase of plush toys, pay attention to the following points:
    1, to the trust of the mall or shop to buy, toys should be used instructions. The use of instructions is usually listed in the label method on the toy, the use of instructions should contain at least the title of the product, the factory name, site, contact telephone.
    2, look feel. Toys should be filled with internal filler, feel delicate, flexible, no smell.
    3, see patchwork. The patchwork on the toy should be strong and the filling material should not be exposed from the patchwork.
    4, see hard components. Plush toys on the small parts such as eyes, nose, mouth, small bells and other accessories should be strong, strong, no sharp margins, no burrs, playing in the process of children is not easy to wither.

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