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    It is understood that a few days ago, Shandong Province, nine plush toy production company in accordance with the "plush toys recall for the provisions of the" requirements, to the Shandong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision filed an automatic recall plan, the resolution of its production of 9 batches of a total of 15,986 (Vehicle) There are shortcomings of children's toys (including baby carriage) to carry out the recall. Bulletin show, batch number 201403-01, model 60CM, Qingdao Hao Wei Da Plush Toys Co., Ltd. produced 96 HWD Variety Mayfair dolls exist goods shortcomings, the main drawback is:
    1. 36 months and the following children use the toys, after the test, there are small parts, there are children due to swallowing or inhalation of small parts and the risk of suffocation.
    2. The uniform thickness of the plastic bag used for packing plush toys is 0.011mm (<0.038mm), which causes the risk of suffocation of children due to the adsorption of nose and mouth of plastic film.
    The company contact telephone number is 0532-87809117, the purchaser can contact the local dealer or manufacturer directly.
    AQSIQ needs to produce similar plush toys to other companies to the user responsible for the high degree of responsibility, according to the law to fulfill the responsibility of the recall of goods, automatic recall of similar shortcomings of toy goods.
    AQSIQ remind parents and consumers to buy plush toys goods need to pay attention to the following matters:
    1. View the toy is not marked with the title of manufacturers, address, use age, security warnings and so on.
    2. As far as possible to the operator to obtain invoices or other shopping credentials, as an important basis for future rights.
    3. Pay attention to the small parts on the toy, etc., to avoid the risk of suffocation due to child eating.
    4. Check plush toys is not there with the child's fingers almost the size of the hole or gap (5mm ~ 12mm), to avoid pinching children's fingers.
    5. Check the baby carriage body is not strong, do not choose baby car plastic parts relatively hard, crisp or smell of goods.

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