Wash the wrong way to improperly set the plush toy

    Although many families now have plush toys, but on the plush toy cleaning is still a lot of people do not use the correct way to clean. Today, this plush toy information, Xiaobian give you about the relevant knowledge of it
    Xu Xu, your home girl's plush toys are dirty how to wash? How to wash, wash with water! Look at you, out! Now spread a way online, with salt wash! Wash with salt The Can you wash it?
    Plush toys, but that is the favorite children! Pull, bite, chew, lick, and then discarded, clean as new plush, in their "destruction", it is easy to become "beyond recognition"! Dirty plush toys, how would you wash it? In addition to washing with water, what else can make plush toys a new look? Recently online spread of a saying - salt cleaning plush toys!
    First of all, we put the plush toys into the plastic bag, and then put the salt into the plastic bag which, then began to clean the dirty this toy, how to wash it, one two three (shaking), in the process of shaking, You can also rub a little! After the shake, the experiment staff took out the plush toys. Ho! Good guy, look at the effect, some of the way ah! However, we "all contact" can always be true and realistic as their responsibility, who must personally pro-verification! This is not, Yuan Kang to a small single to borrow a plush toy, fiddle up! The same experimental supplies: salt, plastic bags, plush toys. Ready to get started
    Look, before and after the experiment plush toys, the effect is there, but it seems not as obvious as the previous experiment! This is how the same thing? Reporter found the Qingdao University senior experimental division Ma Zhaoli, listen to how the teacher said the horse? Qingdao University senior experimental division, Ma Zhaoli: plastic bags and plush toys violent shaking, will produce static electricity, the plush toys on some dust adsorption up, because the general dust is negative charge! Adsorption (dust) after, we have this salt, but also has a certain adsorption, then the dust adsorbed on the salt!
    Ma said the salt is just adsorption, to undertake scattered dust, cleaning effect, mainly depends on plastic bags and plush friction, resulting in static size! Qingdao University senior experimental division Ma Zhaoli: According to different materials, and some plastic bags, and some plastic bags of the material is not the same, coupled with the size of plush toys, the final size of the static power is not the same!
    But Ma teacher also said, not all dirty plush toys can be so clean! Stained with floating ash can, but if the plush toy stained with grease stains, this method does not apply! And, after washing, be sure to plush toys in the salt beat clean, otherwise, once the salt in the inside, but more easily adhesion around the dust!

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