Specially designed plush toys have a certain meaning

    Plush toys have been the majority of toy enthusiasts love and accept, but there are some of the more representative of the meaning of which plush toys, we all know?
    Design the meaning of custom plush toys and determine the standard
    Business mascot has a strong affinity and fun, is to emphasize the character of the enterprise. To create animal image of people, to active corporate image. To the dynamic form of attention, for enterprises in the minds of consumers to establish a sense of intimacy, closer to the distance between business and consumers, this is the business mascot.
    Enterprise mascot customization is especially for the corporate image, reputation and the establishment of the cartoon business mascot.
    Enterprises can be customized plush toys, directly into the image of people's understanding of the enterprise.
    Business mascot plush toys to cartoon image covers the corporate culture and brand, product information, through the cartoon image in a variety of media and various forms of advertising and activities of the integration of cartoon mascot for the enterprise to play a part of the role of the spokesperson (Commonly known as cartoon spokesperson, virtual spokesperson).
    The Asian Olympic Council adopted a resolution on 28 September 1984 to confirm that the Eleventh Asian Games in 1990 was held in Beijing, China, from September 22 to October 7, 1990. To run the Asian Games, the Asian Games Organizing Committee to determine the panda for the current Asian Games mascot. Panda "Panpan", holding the Asian Games medal lively and lovely, open arms, to encourage sports athletes to create more good results, has become a well-known image of the Chinese people.
    The following briefly talk about the mascot of several characteristics:
    Business mascot has a distinction between borders and text, with the logo and the font of the enterprise, the image of the corporate philosophy of publicity, goals and spirit, the entrepreneurial spirit of the people in the song laughter so that consumers of the enterprise soul, character and product Features, there is a visual understanding and memory, and leave a good impression.
    Most of the mascot is the use of live waves of lovely characters, animals, plants for the principle, after exaggeration, deformation of the art processing, easy to attract attention, resulting in visual impact, to enhance the effect of strengthening.
    The flexibility of the corporate mascot plush toy has variable flexibility, usually designed in a variety of forms, from a variety of occasions, a business can be a number of mascots to reflect its different aspects of the business philosophy and product characteristics
    (A) is to reflect the meaning of corporate logo
    (B) is to add the meaning of corporate logo, indicating the nature of the enterprise or product characteristics
    Judge a good mascot, creative to see if it meets
    "5W" - Who, What, Why, When, Where.
    --Who is that? What is it? What does it endorse?

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