How to choose the right plush toy for your baby

    Although the plush toy is no longer a child's patent, but also by young people like, but it is a child in the growth of the playmaking or much of the children's favor. Plush toys are often in contact with the child's skin, so the selection should be careful. How to buy plush toys for their children? From the baby's age, the appearance of plush toys, fabrics, materials and other aspects of comprehensive consideration.
    First: choose according to the age of the child
    For 0 to 2 years old children, should be selected for their exaggerated style, bright color plush toys. Because this time the child's thinking is not yet mature, the ability to distinguish is also relatively poor. Choose the exaggerated, brightly colored plush toys to help enhance their attention. The size of the toy should not be too large for the child to play. 3 to 6 years old children should be selected for their realistic toys, so that children recognize and grow knowledge. But also pay attention to take children to watch more animals, so as to avoid confusion in the understanding. 6-year-old girls can choose some feminine plush animals, such as wearing a skirt or wearing a bow of toys, let the children know that animals have sex points.
    Second: according to the appearance of toys to choose
    Choose plush toys, should check the toy head is round, full, and soft and hard moderate. The nose should not be skewed. Ears and nose position should be symmetrical arrangement, not a significant difference between high and low. Mouth and tongue position should be aligned nose position, not offset. The thickness of the limbs should be evenly consistent, the length of affordable.
    Third: According to the toy fabric and sewing quality to choose
    Plush toys fabric pure wool and chemical fiber two. Pure wool fabric prices are high, easy to be moth, it is rarely used. Buy good quality toys is very important, good quality plush toys do not hair removal, do not fall, combing to restore the status quo. While the quality of the toys is not the opposite. Generally in the toy's head and the body of the junction and the limbs and body joints are used sewing process, should be carefully checked. Good quality toys in general line feet uniform, no off-line, there is no exposed thread.
    Fourth: according to the filling and eye fastness to choose
    Today's plush toys are generally filled with acrylic cotton, polyester or sponge. Hand gently pinched plush toys, feel should be flexible. In addition, the plush toy eye is the key to quality, be sure to pick the eyes of the assembly is not easy to fall off the toys, so as not to be devoured by children caused by life-threatening. Check the fastness of the best use of spring scales, the general eye to withstand the tension to 90 Newton or more. Usually in the store to choose plush toys, you can use the thumb and index finger pinch the eye pull out, if you can not be easily pulled out can buy. Some long plush toys are made of stained eyes, parents can use the complex wipe the eyes, if the hands of the color of the eyes, they do not buy.

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