Analysis on the Development Prospect of Cloth Cashmere Toys

    1, the market situation:
      Chinese people are loyal consumers of plush toys, China has hundreds of millions of families 1.3 billion population, while the consumption of plush toys has been maintained a growth trend. People are increasingly concerned about plush products. Plush culture has become a new form of culture in China.
      With the change in consumer attitudes and the improvement of living standards, plush products have not only children in the hands of toys, its main consumer group has been significantly changed from children or adolescents to adult groups, they buy as a gift, The fundamental is out of interest to hold home readily play, lovely shape, smooth feel for adults to bring the soul of comfort.
      Plush in addition to its toy function, its decorative features are more and more prominent, for example, it is favored by modern home decoration, a pair of plush shoes, a plush cushions, a plush bear, they are warm and Sunshine together becomes a new theme and way for modern people to decorate their families. For example, the latest rise of the "car ornaments", private cars changed the feeling of the past cold, into a road on the road driving cartoon, looked to the car, after the window covered with cats and dogs, Cushions embroidered with a wide variety of cartoon image, even the rearview mirror, sun visor are plush toys occupied, plush products have become the mainstream of interior decoration products.
      Whether it is home, or car, the owner is to create a warm and comfortable environment. This plush product contributed
      2, the market potential:
      With the growing popularity of plush products, plush products in the end how much market potential?
      According to the data provided by the National Bureau of Statistics: 2005 China plush toys sales of 5 billion yuan, and this figure will also be in the next 3-5 years, "rapid development" phenomenon, the annual rate of 40% increase! By 2010, China plush toy market consumption will exceed 30 billion yuan. We can see China plush toy market demand space is huge and strong.
      Relative to the increasingly hot market demand, the domestic plush industry is presented by the production and marketing out of line, no brand, no core business philosophy of backwardness, although there are a lot of practitioners, but mainly concentrated in the production, wholesale, retail, At a lower level of development. China plush toy market lacks a soul thing, this is the brand.
      So, who should pick up the "brand" this banner, who will become the helm of this industry.
      The prospects are good, but the status quo is not optimistic, the specific analysis is as follows:
      1. Toy the playability of children is the fundamental play toys, but China's family education, the parents in the child's toys like the constraints, even if you want to sell as much as possible to choose the educational toys, plush toys do not have this feature ; And adult toy development is relatively fast, but the plush adult toy market was significantly smaller than the children's market, often only in important festivals, in the sales breakthrough, less than children's toy market stability.
      2. plush toys market good and bad, good quality, poor, genuine, pirated mix, in confusing the consumer's line of sight at the same time, but also to plush toys this market to do rotten, the credibility of the ever-decreasing!
      3. The same is because the toy market is not integrated, there is no standard, the market price has become difficult to control, the price has declined the trend, plush toy manufacturers to do the amount, reduce inventory risk, shipping prices have been reduced; Agents for survival, and piracy together occupy the market, the price is also pressing harder and harder. Profit more and more thin, it is not Jiaoren Youyou it!
      4. Are determined to do plush toy brand manufacturers or agents, because the market competition is fierce, profit can not be guaranteed, operating less than a few years to clean up the mess out of the market!
      5. toy products rarely into a series, the children like the familiar face quickly replaced by a new face, in fact, they accept the psychological is not yet reached this speed.
      Now to change the plush toy market is not tight situation, only three efforts to: 1. As soon as possible to subvert the current concept of the purchase of toys, integration of the forces of the manufacturers, businesses to strong hand. 2. To find or create a truly creative, and not easy to imitate the product to conduct a comprehensive promotion. 3. If it is R & D products must be a series, in line with the psychological acceptance of consumers. 4. Be sure to really establish a few strong toy brand-led market, so that toys higher style, consumer groups to expand, so that consumers tend to change the traditional concept of consumption over!
      If you ask me plush toy market has not done? I can be sure to tell you, some do! If you ask me how much can I do? With the improvement of material civilization, people gradually change the concept of consumption, toys from a dispensable goods, adult children into the necessities, one day, plush toys will become the necessities of each household.

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