China's plush toy exports rise in volume

    Characteristics of a: the lack of sales types of shopping malls
    Although there were some positive factors such as the hosting of the Sports International Cup in the first half of the year and the opening of the film "Transformers 4", the plush toy mall in the first half of this year was still placid and not as good as some hoped. Things led to a wave of hot toys for sale Quotes; did not burst a few years ago, "Whoozer Zula," "Electric Hamster," "Phoebe" and other popular moment of selling goods. Although this year's blockbuster film "Transformers 4" at the box office hot, but reflected in the toys derived goods mall was much more, and when Transformers first entered the shopping mall in China when the public competing panic compared to the spectacular.
    Lack of popular shopping malls reflected in the performance of the toy company, that is, the performance of the company is not so optimistic. The world's second largest toy maker Hasbro announced its results on July 21: Due to weak sales of its games and preschool toys, the quarter's sales were far below analysts' expectations. Fortunately, due to the weak sales of Rainbow Pony and Transformers toys, the Company's sales revenue in the second fiscal quarter continued to increase. The first largest toy maker in the United States and Thailand in the first half results are even more unsatisfactory: the company's traditional advantages of goods Barbie Doll because of empathy by consumers do not love the "American Girl", "Disney Princess" and other goods, the first half of the sale due to Good, the result is reduced by 15%, while the suitable preschool children spends the Fisher series toy sale to drop by as much as 17%. However, Bryan Stockton, the company's chief executive, said that with the arrival of the toy sales season in the second half, the situation is bound to change. In the domestic shopping malls, the hot single, in addition to good conditions for the sale of gyro, the few have aroused widespread attention of the commodity. Therefore, how to operate innovative products to affect the market, it seems that the company should attach great importance to the issue.
    Feature two: China's export price of plush toys rose
    In the first half of this year, another important attraction for toy stores is that as the largest exporter of soft toy products in the world, the export situation of toy products in January-June appears to have got rid of the predicament of "increasing production and not increasing revenue" two years earlier , Commodity exports appear "price rise" more ambitious situation. What caused the so-so unusual sale of stuffed toys - because the increase in the price of the goods was so much that the sale of goods was reduced? Because the company sold a very strong commodity? Therefore, "there is no fear of marriage," the emperor, is subject to further investigation.

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