Plush toy industry how to engage in big market

    It is understood that at present, China's plush toy industry base mainly gathered in Guangzhou, Yangzhou, Yiwu, Qingdao, these areas and the surrounding scattered with the size of tens of thousands of plush production companies, such as Yangzhou, there is beyond 1200 Home plush toy company. In Dongguan, Guangdong, not only can see hundreds of thousands of large factories, but also can be found everywhere in the residential buildings only a few people a small workshop or two machines. These large and small factories, the accumulation of endless production capacity demand digestion.
    Because of the lack of demand in the world's shopping malls, the domestic production costs rose, China's plush toy company is facing operational crisis. In order to make the plush toy company out of operational difficulties, plush toy companies should speed up the transition to enhance the pace of development of professional staff organizations to promote the orderly conduct of the toy industry.
    Nielsen Group's mall report pointed out that China's plush toy store in the United States, Japan, is the world's third-largest plush toy seller, while per capita annual plush toy is only 23 US dollars, far behind the United States of 284 US dollars And Japan's 312 US dollars, China's plush toys store amazing potential future.
    How to open up the potential of China's plush toy store? In this regard, the industry believes that China's plush toy industry should accelerate the pace of transformation and promotion. Plush toy industry restructuring promotion, in addition to the government to establish more channels for public services, such as through financing channels for its guarantee, handling the company's cash flow; relying on vocational education capital for its orientation training, charging employees for further business costs, hair The cashmere toy industry also needs more professional staff organizations to show greater harmony in the mall equipment.
    In the plush toy industry, professional staff can help customers find the best partners, because customers usually devote less time to learning about plush toys, while countless plush companies, coupled with personnel activities, operating conditions, etc. The elements, the status of each plant, are constantly changing, making it increasingly difficult for customers to understand them. The simple relationship between supply and demand, the lack of buffer zone, but also led to the contradiction between supply and demand after the collaboration can not be effectively handled.

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