"Beautiful Baby" China's toy brand

    Since the waste martial arts
    In the 1990s, in Zhengzhou, "KFC Grandpa" and "Ronald McDonald" just came from the United States. The Chinese fast-food chain "Red Sorghum" threatened to drive them away. Chain operation take the spring breeze of reform and opening up soaring, standing in front of the university dormitory window, the high-Jia Man vision within, Sida supermarket chain flowering.
    Subtle, college, studying accounting professional Gaoga Man showing a strong interest in business. Her first business from the beginning of a small river after training camp street stalls selling shoes, and then in the Central Plains Road Mall to sell mobile phones, became the crown when it all stores, and she even wrote a franchise business Inquiry as a thesis.
    In 1997, Gao Jia Man graduated from college and borrowed thirty thousand dollars from his family home. Next to the Zhongzhou cinema in Wenming Road, Zhengzhou, he opened a home jewelry shop named "Beautiful Treasure."
    At that time, Zhengzhou was a hub of commodity distribution well known in the north, with a fierce retail chain. By the financial constraints, whether it is still quoted price categories, "beautiful treasures" are too humble. She did not pick the same fight as the price of the same fight most people, from a beauty girl from the point of view, the mall most of the jewelry shop is simply a "grocery store", lush jewelry accumulation, to find a favorite jewelry usually like Treasure Hunt is equally difficult.
    Since occupations are at a low level, there is bound to be more room for upward mobility. Gao Jia Man proposed the concept of "beauty decoration" for "beautiful treasures". Nowadays, the term "beautiful decoration" has been used indiscriminately. Zhengzhou, a decade ago, was the "beautiful treasures" initiative. Gaoga no longer sell "road goods", but to Shanghai, Guangdong and other coastal areas to find novelty stylish supply. With the battle "beauty decoration" positioning, "beautiful treasures" like a group of modern girl in the country girl, agile in the same career hard-edged. Word of mouth alone effect, by the end of 2002, "beautiful treasures" throughout the country to hundreds of chain stores.
    However, watching the country continue to add stores, high Jia Man was not happy.

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