Top 10 plush toy brands in the world

    1. Germany famous plush toy brand NICI plush toys.
    Germany NICI plush toys was born in Germany 1986 Altenkunstadt Chau. In addition to NICI brand, there are NICI SPORT and NICI HOME. Operating so far, NICI's products have been around the world more than 50 countries and regions, has increasingly become the leader in the gift brand. NICI from Germany's most famous creation to be his simple and sincere series of animals! Because the boss and designer is not the traditional design science classes, less familiar with the stereotypes for the beautiful design, with animal love and observation, NICI investment in the design are comfortable in the free happy mood is not complicated at all Animal design. Each animal's body with a few simple pieces of simple elements form a lovely look. And its fluff toys are machine washable, after washing does not distort, feather feel is still as ever as even better, so when your baby toys are dirty, you do not have to worry about losing the past after washing style.
    2. French famous plush toy brand Smoby
    Founded in 1924, France SMOBY is an international group of companies devoted to the design, development, production and marketing of toys for children aged 0-12. There are more than a dozen major series of toys, classified according to age, gender, function, indoor and outdoor, copyright, scene, etc. More than 4000 items, every single item and each part follow the growth of children and improve their intellectual development , The concept of safety and environmental protection.
    3. French plush toy brand MAJORETTE
    Majorette is a leading toy manufacturer and distributor founded in France in 1924 and an international group company ranked top in the toy industry in Europe and the world. It has a history of more than 80 years. Professional committed to the development, production and sales of toys for children born to the age of 10, SMBOY owns more than 30 series of two major toy brands SMOBY and MAJORETTE, the number of single products more than 4000, the annual increase of more than 500 new products, respectively, according to gender, age, Functions, indoor and outdoor, copyright, scenarios and other categories. Follow the concept of accompanying children's growth and improvement of their intellectual development and safety and environmental protection. Let the children not only enjoy the fun of playing the game, but also learn to give and share. All the toys produced are designed by French designers.
    4. plush toy brand Lego
    Founded in Denmark, Lego has a history of 65 years and traces its origins to LEGO, its flagship brand. The use of the trademark "Lego" began in 1934 with the phrase "Leg GOdt" in Danish, which means "play well" and this name first quickly became synonymous with LEGO toys of good quality at the toy factory in Billund. Ole Kirk Christiansen, the founder, held a solicitation of names within his company for his small toy factory and for the wooden toys he produced, but his proposal was eventually chosen but the trade name was not legally registered in Denmark until 1954. The development of "Lego" is accompanied by the rising scale and popularity of Lego companies. The "arms" in the hands of Lego toys are derived from the toy blocks of Denmark. Through different combinations of people and even the same people, Lego blocks Can build a different world. Simple objects not only for children to build a wonderful world, so that every one can see it's children can not resist such a huge attraction.
    5. United States well-known plush toy brand RUSS
    American RUSS brand toys by Russell Berrie in 1963, with his own home for the office, garage to start as a small library, the creation of small gift stores began. Russ's ever-changing product, in addition to plush dolls, Russ's exquisite ingenuity, but also for the bears styling for a variety of daily necessities has given new life; Russ has thus developed into the United States the most successful compound gift stores . Now, there are people on the market who call RUSS? A bear and belong to Russ Berrie and Company. The slogan that the company has the slogan "MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY" appears on some toy tags. Russ's main products are plush, rolling velvet, short plush and brush cloth velvet dolls, covering a wide range, in addition to soft-touch Softies animal modeling plush doll, lifelike Peeper big eye modeling doll, as well as providing children to give full play to their imagination Activity Activity Toys plush toys and so on.
    6. Brilliant toy company in Sweden
    It is a world-renowned toy maker that has swept the world with its classic wooden train toys, building blocks and more. Brio Toy Company produced wooden train toys from generation to generation was a favorite childhood, the wooden track all made of beech material. Now Brillia's traditional train series and racing series toys are all endowed with fresh, stylish elements, advanced infrared remote controls and electronic audio, and the smart wooden track that they launch can alert you before a train hits an obstacle And make the train change direction! Brioni CEO Thomas? Persson: We are using more modern means of making toys, and the quality is still reassuring.
    7. Plush toy brand: Playskool
    Playskool is a sub-brand under Hanbro. Founded in the 1920s, Hanbro is the second-largest toy manufacturer in the world with several world-famous toy sub-series. Because they have experienced design experts, so the company's products in the international award-winning countless! According to different stages of their children's different needs and ability training needs to design a suitable for all stages of the baby's toys, on the one hand the baby has fun from toys, more importantly, all aspects of the baby's ability to get trained to make the baby smarter lovely.
    8. plush toy brand: Sassy
    Sassy is the United States specifically for infants and young children 0-3 years old inspiration for intelligent, design toys professional company, participated in many international children's smart toys inspirational games, have won many trophies. Best of all, Sassy's rigor when making toys is beyond the reach of many toy manufacturers, such as infants and toddlers who like to put toys in their mouths, so all Sassy products are made with edible color pigments. And Sassy not only uses their majors in toys, including infants and young children to the world's highest-priority access to the bottle, waterproof bibs, styling nail scissors, variable temperature spoon and even go out to facilitate the use of three-point box and other supplies, Sassy is not only a baby's friend, but also the most helpful helper for parents.
    9. Po Di card plush toy brand
    19-year-old boy Zhongwu decided to terminate their studies, to join the network, start their own path to arduous pioneering. In 2008, with 700 yuan of funds to start, by the end of 2009, to become a crown shop. In 2010, will be their own enterprising, hardworking, Loyalty enrichment into the brand Poica, 19-year-old started the process of creating network brand! Poitica meaning: "loyalty," the courage and love of the perfect embodiment. "Faithfulness" means perseverance of love, perseverance of affection, attachment to one's own beliefs, and sticking to principles. Bodyguard-bodyguard new interpretation of the "loyalty" of the road to life, deeply engraved on each product.
    10.Disney toy company series plush toy brand
    Disney Company was founded in 1922, after years of development to become a successful multinational group, its business involves films, theme parks, real estate and other entertainment business and other fields. Currently, Disney has evolved into a technology system that encompasses not only the hardware, facilities, machines and processes, but also the transportation, communication and information networks that connect it with the large number of employees and the rules and regulations that operate efficiently.

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