A lot of attention to children's plush toys, do not let them

    Plush toys, one of many children's favorite toys, are playing or eating and sleeping, they are never off, they must be tightly clinging to it. In fact, not only children love, and even some small animals on plush toys are soft drinks, and I really like to play with it. Of course, the animals also made some funny things for plush toys.
    Not long ago, a lizard was taken to emergency because of swallowing plush toys, leaving its owner really tense. So, what exactly happened? It turned out that the lizard while the owner no time to focus on it, ran out and play with the puppies at home, when they have fun, the puppy inadvertently throws a soft toy to it, it will be hair The stuffed toy as food swallowed down, the result can be imagined, of course, this lizard was supported, and finally the owner found out in time, can be saved.
    From this incident, we should learn some lessons. Lizards can swallow soft toys as food. Children may do the same. Therefore, in daily life, we must pay more attention to children's soft toys, especially Is a relatively small plush toys, do not let them eat as food, so that is likely to be an accident, may affect the child's health.

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