American plush toy market standards and our difference

    Compared with our country, the safety appraisal standard of American plush toys is very strict. Therefore, our clauses involved are very numerous.
    The revision of this standard mainly involves heavy metal, riding toys and toy seat stability, flexible ball, bathroom toys and other terms. Heavy metals such as heavy metal increase substrate requirements, including total lead and migratory eight elements (antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium) compounds, the total lead limits and the United States consumer goods The Safety Improvement Act is unanimous and limits on the amount of migrant elemental compounds are consistent with the European toy safety standards.
    The United States to implement the new toy standards, improve the technical threshold of toy imports, improve the technical threshold of toy imports, leading to increased production costs. To this end, inspection and quarantine departments to remind the majority of toy manufacturers, should be dealt with in four aspects Plush Toys Buy .
    Standard the understanding in place. Strengthen the collection, analysis and research on the recall laws and regulations of foreign countries, standards and foreign notification. In particular, it is required to master the safety and environmental protection items, raw materials used in toys, sharpness and sharpness, and the assembly fastness of non-detachable small parts. At the same time, technical experts from inspection and quarantine departments should conduct regular exchanges.
    Strengthen the physical and chemical properties of raw and auxiliary materials for toys, flammability and chemical performance monitoring for toys, flammability and chemical performance monitoring. Particular attention to soft toy eyes and nose and other small parts of the twisting force, adornment or sewing fastness, plastic parts in plasticizers, heavy metals in ink paints, desiccant and fungicide fumarate Dimethyl ester and the like.
    Strengthen the assessment of the contract requirements, control the importing country's laws and regulations and technical standards required terms, and actively communicate with customers, and improve the export of toys first product filing system.
    Strengthen the acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials, in particular, to strengthen supplier evaluation of high-risk materials, rigorous inspection of small parts fastness, manual use of eye-opener is prohibited, standard pin operation flow.

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