My country in the production of high quality plush toys shou

    Although more and more consumers are fond of plush toys, our country is not good enough for producing high-quality plush toys.
    Plush toys are also pursuing higher quality. Suppliers, such as negative ions, far-infrared meet the functional fibers is the latest generation of environmentally friendly fibers, plush toys and other areas of textile has a lot to help plush toys supply.
    As the negative ion fiber has the function of releasing negative ions, emitting far infrared ray, good adsorption function, supplementing trace elements and anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and deodorizing functions, the plush toy supplier has broad prospects for development in textiles, especially around the people Wearing textiles and some toys made of textile fabrics, etc. have a more limited application prospects. Applied to toys, helps to increase the function of toy products, enhance the grade and added value of toy products and enhance their competitiveness. Is the latest environmentally friendly material for plush toys. As long as the strengthening of brand awareness, is bound to affect the overall level of the overall improvement of the domestic toy industry. In this way, not only can create economic benefits, but also create social benefits, thereby enhancing the social status of the toy industry.

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