A curious Japanese coffee shop only accepts plush toys

    The Yawarakan's Cafe, just opened in Tokyo, is very strange even in the weird cafes in Japan (such as the maid cafe). There are cozy sofas, gorgeous desserts, delicious drinks and a welcoming smile of staff, but here it refuses to welcome any human customers as it is a place dedicated to plush toys.
    Dolls enjoy desserts
    Well, it sounds like a prank - who wants to spend the money preparing real food for a bunch of toys? However, you are wrong. This is real in Japan and obviously a very good business. Let us listen to the view of the host, Yawarakan Karei.
    Surging: People who hear this café worry that it will not do business.
    Yawarakan Karei: So far, the business is not bad. The reservation is due on October 27, and we will have a special Halloween night that day.
    Emotion: Where do you get the idea of ​​a coffee shop?
    Yawarakan Karei: The vast majority of Japanese girls have at least one plush toy of their own, and many people place toys on their own bed to accompany themselves or decorate the bed, treating them as if they were treating a true partner. If girls see plush toys as living friends, why can not they be taken to cafes to treat them well? This is a brand new market, I want to try the plush toy supply.
    Surging: I'm curious what kind of entertainment these soft toys will get at a coffee shop.
    Yawarakan Karei: We accept delivery and mailing, booking at least one day in advance. Once they arrive, our hospitality, Hebi-chan, is served with fresh berry smoothies, and I will cook for them personally - usually egg-wrapped, with the name of the doll on the egg skin! Simultaneously with the egg-wrapped rice, Saru Hasegawa, a monkey attendant, milled coffee made from half Tasmanian coffee beans, half of Peruvian coffee beans. The last is a dessert, a pile of pancakes packed with maple syrup.
    When the guests finish their lunch, they sit in a circle, listen to me about ghost stories, or play cards and pastimes with employees. The basic package also includes a night's accommodation, they will sleep on a soft bed, with bedtime stories to listen. The next day we will pack the dolls and mail them back to their owners.
    Surging: No offense, but how do masters know that dolls are really entertained in the store?
    Yawarakan Karei: There are souvenirs for travel as the dolls are sent back. Includes an album that describes their happy hours in the store, as well as photos and videos on the cafe's website. In addition we have roller coaster toys, homemade candies as souvenirs, so they can be sent back to the owner when you travel souvenirs.
    Lunch is a special egg-wrapped rice, eggs will be written on the doll's name
    Welcome Drink is the beauty of the United States after drinking berry smoothies
    Surging: How much does it cost for such a trip?
    Yawarakan Karei: The basic course costs ¥ 4,968, and if there are special holidays, the price will increase, but not too much.
    Finally, by the way, Yawarakan's Cafe is not actually the first shop to offer plush toys. As early as 2011, Tokyo set up a travel agency called Unagi, with stuffed toys for travel. Toy owners can send their plush toys to the travel agency, which will take these furry children to spend a hot spring holiday valued at more than 300 yuan, they will even record the unforgettable trip through the video and photos Moment It is said that so far, travel agencies have received more than 600 customers.

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