What tools are used to make stuffed toys?

    The processing characteristics of plush toys is an important factor that determines whether plush toys are really popular on the market.
    Processed to fully tap the new features of plush toys: educational functions. Plush toys have always been used for entertainment, decoration, etc. In fact, it should also have the function of education. Soft soft plush toys, colorful, vivid lovely image, by 0 to 3-year-old infants and young children's favorite. If you can change the monotony of its species, the status of a single function, in the creative design of toys to play in cultivating children's imagination, creativity and ability to tap a variety of play, making it edutainment toy, will Sought after by the market.
    Combined with national characteristics, to create their own brand. Although exports of toys in China hit a new high, but the industry is not without worries. At present, China already has a strong toy processing capacity, can produce a world-class products, but did not belong to their own world-class brand of plush toys supply.
    Western successful toy brand, whether it is popular for decades of Barbie dolls, or a few years ago brisk Harry Potter, they are relying on strong Western culture as the foundation, or have a careful marketing plan. Our country's toys still remain in the era of processing and manufacturing.
    We can package and reproduce legends based on familiar historical missions or folk tales, or use powerful propaganda such as film and television to shape new characters. For example, mythical Chinese characters, after careful packaging, to create a brand. For example, Haier advanced into the smart pet toy market in 2002 and launched three series and 18 varieties of smart pet toys. Especially, the products of "young children" and "young and old children" have won a wide range of markets with their unique charm . As long as the strengthening of brand awareness, is bound to affect the overall level of the overall improvement of the domestic toy industry. In this way, not only can create economic benefits, but also create social benefits, thereby enhancing the social status of the toy industry.

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