China became Angry Bird's first country to settle in Asia

    Angry bird game in China has lasted for a long time, and over a period of time the theme park game will also be settled in China.
    Angry Birds game company said Wednesday it plans to build its first theme park in Asia next year in Shanghai next year as it builds on the brand's popular game.
    Angry Birds game company said on Wednesday that based on the brand's welcome effect of the game, next year it will establish its first theme park in Asia near Shanghai. The site was located in Nanjing, Zhejiang Province, China, close to the Shanghai Business Center and then the third theme park of the division, the first in Finland and the second in the United Kingdom. Povio Entertainment General Manager, China Mr. Paul Chen told AFP Soft Toys, "Chinese people want to go to leisure in their spare time and we hope to open this theme park in Shanghai in February next year." He added that the Finnish company launched in Shanghai Tongji University opened in the school.
    The first China theme park, including an interactive playground and recreational facilities, can accommodate 400 daily traffic with an admission fee of 60 yuan, or $ 9.50. Angry Birds owns the world's second highest data download volume in China at 190 million, only in the United States. Mobile Games involves the use of slingshot shoots fortress birdie built in Green Piggy - an addictive challenge to become the world's most downloaded app and spawn a licensed product and media adaptation of plush toys.
    Once the "Angry Birds" theme park officially opened in China, will bring more plush toys derivatives sales of plush toys agents. Angry bird plush toys sales have exceeded 10 million.

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