How to rest assured buy soft toys

    Plush toys can be said that every household has, loved by adults and children. Recently, however, the China Consumer Association has announced that through the comparative experiment of soft toys, over 30% of 30 plush toys have quality problems. For example, toy eyes and other components are easy to fall off, the packaging film is too thin and the ribbon is too long, which easily causes the child to suffocate , Injuries; age range, material and other unclear logo; formaldehyde exceeded. Even some toys are not marked "3C" logo. Then consumers how to buy safe and secure plush toys?
    Many plush toys, soluble lead and chromium, children lead, chromium and other harmful substances into the mouth, may cause damage to the brain and other nervous systems. Some toys can be split small parts easy to swallow, inhalation of the hidden dangers.
    In response to the current safety problems of the plush toys, AQSIQ and the SC Organization revised the "National Toy Safety Technical Code" and recently approved the issuance of a series of mandatory national standards of "toy safety". The new standard to public concern, such as dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and other six plasticizers as restricted substances, the limit value requirements and the EU's current regulations.
    To buy safe and secure plush toys, we must learn to use the following four ways to identify. A "look" to see the age of the toy and precautions to see if the toy has 3C mark. Two "touch" touch or pinch the toy whether there is no sharp sharp edges, whether there is a risk of activity gaps and widgets. Three "smell", smell the toy whether there is a serious smell or irritating odor. Four "try", by trial or ask about the danger of its function and possibility.

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