Beware of plush toy design flaws

        Shandong Province Consumer Association respectively from Jinan, Qingdao, the two purchased animal plush toys, cartoon character plush toys, foam particles toys, such as 30 children's plush toy samples, started a plush toy contrast experiments.
    Experimental results show that most toys are deficient in design.
    1, parts easy to fall. The comparison experiment has 21 samples of 39 mechanical physical function in doubt. First, reasonable and predictable use of children and 36 months of age and below the use of toys, small parts test, 6 samples of toys and other parts of the eyes after the pull test components fall into small parts, easy to be swallowed by children, constitute the risk of suffocation. 16 samples Plastic bags or plastic films used in packaging or toys are too thin, as touched by children, can pose children with plastic bags in the face, the risk of suffocation.
    2, manufacturing failed. The comparative experiment 12 toys and 18-month-old children's toy samples on the ribbon or strap formed by the rope is too large, can be set over the head of children, children constitute a simple risk of strangulation; toys on the mouth and feet The line is too sparse, easily lead to the risk of finger injuries children. 4 samples showed cracking, hole phenomenon, some filled cotton, particle bags and other materials can be removed from damaged toys, toy sewing quality and data intensity is not the same level of doubt.
    3, high formaldehyde content. In a comparative experiment, a sample with a formaldehyde content of 96.1 mg / kg, exceeding the national regulatory limits of 20 mg / kg. Children's toys on the play is not limited to hands and feet and other parts of the skin touch, younger children prefer to toy into the mouth, if the formaldehyde content is high, the simple adverse consequences.
    Consumers Association said that up to now, China has a total of 31 national toy specifications. The 2003 edition of the "National Toy Safety Technical Code" is the most fundamental and most important national code for toys. It stipulates the mandatory technical requirements for the mechanical and physical functions, combustion functions, removable chemical elements, marking and clarification of toy products that must be complied with. Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China made further amendments to these norms and the new norms will come into effect on January 1, 2016. Consumers buying toys, not only pay attention to the national mandatory product certification mark, but also to see the product name, manufacturer information, the main raw materials or components, the use of age, safety warnings, product certification, to prevent neglect to give Children constitute damage.

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