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    According to the Consumer Association plush toy comparison test results showed that the sampling of 30 plush toys in the sample, beyond the majority of toys in the mechanical function failed. Such as toys, eyes and other components easily fall, the packaging film is too thin, the ribbon is too long, etc., simply caused the child suffocation, injuries; age scale, raw materials, such as unclear logo;
    Yesterday, Xu Jing, secretary general of the Municipal Consumer Council, said the chief complaint from consumers was that soluble lead and chromium in plush toys exceeded the standard. If a child uses harmful substances such as lead and chromium, In the entrance, it can damage the brain and other nervous systems. Some strollers have not been compulsory product certification, there are risks caught. Some toys can be easily split small parts swallowed, the risk of inhalation. Some toys do not limit the charging limit moments, prone to risk.
    Yesterday, the Commercial Daily reporter market survey found that some easy-to-fire toys on the instructions, nor the signs of easy to burn, a number of plastic toys in the primary raw materials and ingredients marked only "ABS plastic", but not marked content.
    Municipal Consumer Council said the person in charge, in view of the current safety risks of children's toys, AQSIQ, the normative organization revised the "National Toy Safety Technical Code" and recently agreed to release the "Toy Safety" mandatory national code . The new norms to public attention dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and other six kinds of plasticizers as restricted substances, the limited value of the requirements and the EU's current regulations. The demand for safety indicators such as movement, mechanical components and incineration has been severely hampered. The scale of operation of harmful substances has also been expanded to reduce the damage that children can form.
    In this regard, City Council on the person in charge of suggesting that consumers should choose to buy qualified children's plush toys to learn to use the following four ways to distinguish. A "look" to see the age of toys and precautions to see if the toy has a 3C symbol. Two "touch", touch or pinch the toy by hand is not consolidated, with sharp sharp edge, is not at risk of activities with gaps and widgets. Three "smell", smell the toy is not there a serious smell or irritating odor. Four "test", after a trial or inquiry to understand its function and the possibility of risk.

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