Plush toys can also cause eczema

    As we all know, children's skin is very delicate, parents need careful care, or accidentally, it is possible to rash. Therefore, parents are very particular about their children's clothing, cotton are generally used, both comfortable and healthy. Of course, children usually use plush toys is also a lot of attention, especially for the skin is more sensitive to children, it is even more careful.
    Not long ago, a hospital there is such a patient, she is a little girl, hands played a small lump for no reason at first, only a few sporadic, and later actually expand the area actually slowly evolved into a hand full of small lumps , After a doctor's diagnosis, I realized that it was eczema. After talking to her parents, the doctor thinks the little girl is suffering from eczema only because she has been exposed to the soft toy for a long time. Therefore, parents should not let their children touch the plush toys for a long time so as not to cause eczema.
    Take preventive measures. Whether it is caused by plush toys or other causes, it can be prevented. According to experts, eating celery can effectively prevent the occurrence of eczema, therefore, parents should let children develop a good habit of eating celery. Of course, in daily life, parents should also pay attention to plush toys cleaning work, regular cleaning, keep clean, so as not to breed bacteria, endanger the health of children.
    Xiaobian today for everyone to bring the common sense of soft toys we all know it? If you think there is any plush toy knowledge

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