Do you know the cleaning method of plush toys?

    Cold winter, many girls love to hold a soft plush toys, but plush toys are easy to dirty, if the new few hundred dollars seem a bit messy, but their own wash, if the wrong way, beloved doll to Want to be "dead doll ", and today Xiaobian taught us how to accurately clean the soft toys, both to ensure that toys clean and clean, but also to ensure that toys are not deformed.
    Hand wash: Prepare the washbasin filled with water, pour detergent into the mixing thoroughly dissolved, the fluff into the squeeze the hand detergent squeeze into the detergent after the water will be drained off and rinse with clean water to a clean dry cloth Wrapping fluff toys for a few minutes, absorbing a portion of the water, then air-drying, and perhaps allowing it to sunbathe is also a good way.
    Washing: plush toys that can be cleaned, the detergent to participate in the basin, and according to a certain share into some water, with the usual soft brush agitate the basin of water, stir the rich foam, and then stained with a soft brush Foam plush toy appearance brush clean, we must pay attention to the brush do not touch too much moisture. Clean the soft plush toy appearance after the plush toys wrapped with towels, into the wash basin filled with water pressure wash, so plush toys can be cleaned the dust and washing liquid. Then plush the toy into the softener-filled basin for a few minutes, and then wash it in water-filled basins several times until the water in the basin became clear. The clean and plush toys are still wrapped with a towel, into the washing machine dehydration, dehydrated plush toys by shaping and finishing in the ventilated place to dry, so your plush toys will be the same as the new.
    Scrub: Use a soft sponge or a clean dry cloth, moistened with a neutral detergent has been diluted to scrub the appearance, and then scrub with water again.
    Dry cleaning: small plush toys continue to increase, but cleaning is not convenient, especially some of the voice-activated. Can buy baking soda in a pharmacy or a chemical store, sprinkle deeply on stuffed toys, until the soda ash is no longer black , plush toys will immediately become clean, even if young children lick with their tongues Worries, because of the use of food grade "dry cleaners."

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