Buy plush toys Beware pit

    Black heart cotton, is not uncommon in the plush toys, many businesses in order to reap huge profits, often filled with black cotton stuffed toys, shoddy, and the asking price is high.
    Yinchuan City, Oriental Mall, a 1 meter tall plush bear offer 180 yuan, some small plush toys only sell 10 yuan. In the Xinhua Department Store Dongfanghong shop, 1 meter high plush toys and even up to 600 yuan. With the plush toys, the price difference so big? Ningxia fiber inspection bureau found the "mystery" during the sampling: the East Mall, Wenzhou Mall, Yinchuan Mall sales of plush toys, all for the absence of manufacturers, no logo, no safety warning of the "three noes" of goods. According to Tang Xian, head of inspection team of Ningxian Fiber Inspection Bureau, according to state regulations, plush toys should be clearly marked with "manufacturer, safety warning, filler content" and other logos, but the three mall sales of plush toys, Some have nothing, and some simply mark the brand name. " Upon inquiry, most of these plush toys were purchased from Xi'an, Lanzhou, Guangzhou and other places. The approach was particularly chaotic. Some stall owners indicated that "every time a big box is opened and sold, the logo is on the outer packaging."
    Plush toys are easy to hide germs, can cause skin allergies, asthma and some respiratory diseases. Some plush toys and even filled "black heart cotton", from medical waste, industrial waste processing, easily lead to skin disease after contact, lung infections, sepsis and so on. According to reports, with the impact of increasing, "black heart cotton" plush toys have been cut, but the "three no" plush toy access is unknown, can not grasp the filler, Ningxian Xian Jian every year plush toys do not Regular sampling, once the inspection found formaldehyde, PH value exceeded, that is severely punished according to law.
    China Plush Toys Trading Network Xiaobian remind everyone to buy plush toys should pay attention to whether the internal filler is uniform enough, no caking, no smell; nose, eyes, mouth, trinkets and other small parts to be strong, to prevent children inhaling foreign body Danger, resulting in suffocation; metal parts should be no sharp edges and burrs. Just bought plush toys, the best clean, and in the sun exposure antivirus.

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