Plush toys care precautions

    According to statistics from relevant departments, several children are smothered as a result of inadvertently swallowing toy accessories every day. So many parents like to buy stuffed toys for children, because the stuffed toys do not have hard materials, and a variety of easy to fall off parts.
    In fact, this view of plush toys completely harmless is not correct. Plush toys material and fabric, in the production process after dyeing and other procedures, may cause excessive heavy metals. And a lot of black plush toy manufacturers will use black heart cotton as a filler. In addition, plush toys can easily contaminate the dirt. If you do not pay attention to regular cleaning, it can easily lead to children getting infected with bacteria and getting sick.
    Below by the China Plush Toys Trading Network Xiaobian to introduce you to several simple and practical plush toys cleaning method. The first is the crude salt method, in short, is to find a larger plastic bag, and then plush toys in plastic bags, with the right amount of coarse salt, and then the plastic bag hole tightening, shaking hard , Plush toys can be clean. This is the effect of NaCl's dirt-holding capacity on some hard-to-clean plush toys.
    Second, you can also use soda powder to wash soft toys. This method is the same as cleaning with coarse salt. When you see the color of soda slowly getting dark, you can know that plush toys have been cleaned. The principle and the use of crude salt is actually the same. Crude salt and soda ash are very common small items in supermarkets.
    Finally, you can also use the most common method of washing, which is more suitable for small pieces of plush toys.

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