Plush toys common cleaning methods

    Plush toys have become the items of the day we often appear on the day. Not only kids but also adults. Almost everyone's home, there will be a wide range of plush toys. Just as the clothes are worn dirty, the plush toys need to be cleaned for a long time, then how to clean these different plush toys in the end? Now come to introduce several ways to clean plush toys:
    Dry cleaning method: the demand for information is coarse salt and large plastic bags. Some are not convenient for direct washing plush toys, such as too much plush toys or plush toys with wire equipment can choose this coarse salt dry cleaning method, that is, crude salt and plush toys together into the plastic Pouch, into the pocket and then hard shake. The principle is the same as using chickens for sand bathing. This shaking a few times more, plush toys will gradually become clever and clean, while at the same time, coarse salt is gradually blackening slightly. This is the ability to absorb stains using NaCl in the salt. Similarly, you can also use the supermarket to buy soda ash instead.
    Washing method: Just like the usual laundry, the smaller plush toys can be directly hand-washed. Note that after washing should be promptly wiped dry plush toys on the water. Of course, the washing machine can also be selected to clean the soft toys, but beware that easily damaged local can be affixed with tape to prevent scouring. There are dried hair plush toys, pay attention to tap the plush toys, so that it is loose, to avoid drying is still to be deformed.

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