Sewing craft selection plush toys

    Soft toy cloth
    Plush toy fabric points pure wool and chemical fiber two. Pure wool fabric offer high, simply worm moth, it is rarely used.
    The difference between pure wool and synthetic fabrics have a more simple method:
    Unplug a few fibers from the plush toys, use the fire to investigate the results of their incineration, such as the left is a black knot charcoal, pinched into powder with your fingers, that is, pure wool fabric; if burned Under the brown paste, pinch sticky feeling with your fingers, the chemical fiber.
    In view of the quality of the fabric should be held in the hands of the toy, force along the natural hide the direction of the cis smooth, the plush should not be hair removal, no bottomless, no insects, no decay, no color, after finishing the plush It should be rehabilitated to its original condition. If the plush is tampered with, it will not recover its original shape after it has been rehabilitated. It may appear that there are chaotic stripes. This shows that the quality of the fabric used by this toy is not good enough.
    Plush toy sewing technology
    Sewing techniques are usually used at the joint of the head and body of the toy and at the joint of the limbs and the body and should be carefully examined. The usual standard is the line foot uniform, no off-line, no disclosure of thread. In order to determine the sewing fastness, the toy can be pinched by any one of the sewing parts, left and right jerk 3 times, there should be no break or break the phenomenon of seizures.

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