How to pick plush toys for children of different ages?

    The New Year is coming to an end, and family gatherings are an essential part of giving gifts as well as sending red envelopes to the elderly and children. Purchase peer generation, the older generation of gifts we usually think useful, and give children a gift selection is very much, if it is sent to girls or children under 2,3 years old, plush toys are very good choice , Both by the children's expectations and relative safety. How to buy a safe scientific soft stuffed toys? Xiaobian Orange Aberdeen from the appearance, fabric, sewing technology for you to do a professional interpretation.
    First, the appearance of plush toys
    A, according to the age of children to choose the appearance of plush toys
    1,0 ~ 2 years old
    About 0 ~ 2 years old in infancy, children should be selected for their exaggerated animal, cartoon cartoon of the more intuitive appearance, such as the big-eyed puppy, bunny. Because of the immature children's thinking at the moment, the distinction can be poor, all they need is outstanding shape, colorful toys. The color of toys is the best choice of pink or cream, because the age of children on the red, yellow color is more sensitive to the reaction, help to enhance their attention. The scale of the toy should not be chosen too large, usually less than half of the child's length can be, in order to facilitate children to grab rob.
    2,3 to 6 years old
    About 3 to 6 years old children in childhood, the appearance of the selected toys should be lifelike, so that children identify, increase common sense. In the selection of animal toys the best characterization, to facilitate children to deepen the image. Such as the selection of panda toys should be crystal clear, so that children know that this is the characteristics of pandas. Although there are also a kind of bear and bear the color of black and white, but should not be selected for children, so as not to make them hallucinations. Best to bring children to the zoo to see the real animals, so that they add to the plush toys hobby. Of course, some exaggerated animals can be selected for children of this period, but such exaggeration must be conditional on being unable to mix with real animals.
    3,6 years old
    For the little girls, you can also pick some feminine plush toys, such as a bear in a skirt, a bunny with a bow and the like, so that the child knows that the animal has a sex distinction. Together, you can also select a number of mother and child sets of animal toys, such as bear mother and bear children, to enhance children's hobbies, add flavor. You can also pick some plush stuffed animal toys, and even buy a few sets of clothes, but also allow children to sew or knit their own toys, clothes, toys for children to wear clothes, clothes, to cultivate their work concept.
    B, investigate the appearance of plush toys
    After the appearance of selected plush toy appearance should be selected to see whether the head is round, plump, and moderate hardness. Nose orientation should be roughly centered not tilted. The orientation of the ears and nose should be placed symmetrically, with no significant irregularities. The orientation of the mouth and tongue should be aligned with the orientation of the nose, not offset. The thickness of limbs should be uniform, suitable length. If there is no doubt that the above view, the primaries qualified.

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