How to buy plush toys for children of different ages

    Spring Festival is coming soon, family gatherings in addition to the occasion to send the elderly and children red envelopes, gifts are also essential. Purchase peer, elder gifts we generally consider practical, and give children the gift of choice is very much, if it is sent to small girls or children under the age of 2,3, plush toys is a very good choice, both Welcome by the children and relative safety. How to choose a safe plush toys?
    A, according to the child's age to choose plush toy shape
    1,0 ~ 2 years old
    For children aged 0 ~ 2 years old in infancy, should be selected for their modeling exaggerated animals, cartoon cartoon of the more intuitive shape, such as big eyes big puppies, bunny. Because children's thinking at this time immature, poor ability to distinguish, what they need is the shape of prominent, colorful toys. It is best to choose the color of the toy pink or cream, because children of this age are more sensitive to red and yellow colors, help to increase their attention. The size of the toy should not be chosen too large, generally less than half the height of the child can be, in order to facilitate the child grab robbing teasing.
    2,3 to 6 years old
    For 3 to 6 years old children in early childhood, the selection of plush toys should be lifelike style, in order to facilitate child identification, increase knowledge. In the selection of animal toys is best to characterize, to facilitate children to deepen the impression. If you choose panda toys should be black and white, let the children know that this is the panda's characteristics. Although there are also a kind of bear and black and white colors, but should not be selected to young children, so as not to make them illusion. It's best to bring kids to the zoo to watch real animals so that they are more interested in plush toys. Of course, some exaggerated animals can be selected for children during this period, but this exaggeration must be premised on the fact that they can not be confused with real animals.
    3,6 years old
    For small girls, you can also choose some feminine plush animals, such as a bear wearing a skirt, wearing a bowknot bunny, let the children know that animals have gender distinction. At the same time can also choose a number of mother and child sets of animal toys, such as bear mother and bear children, in order to enhance children's interest and increase the flavor of life. You can also pick some plush stuffed animal toys, and even buy a few more clothes, but also allow children to sew their own toys or knit clothes, toys for children to wear clothes, laundry, to cultivate their labor point of view.
    B, observe the appearance of plush toys
    Select the appearance of plush toys after the choice of shape, check its head is round, full, and moderate hardness. Nose position should be roughly centered not skewed. The location of ears and nose should be symmetrical arrangement, may not have significant level. The position of the mouth and tongue should be aimed at the position of the nose, not offset. The thickness of limbs should be uniform, the length of affordable. If the above examination is no problem, the primaries qualified.
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