Watch out for plush toys to buy several major issues

    One problem: filling material failed
    According to Xiaobian understand, in the past for the spot checks on many occasions, unqualified products exist the primary doubt is the filling of goods failed. This is primarily caused by the use of banned medical cotton and medical gauze, industrial waste, cotton linters, household waste, waste clothing, and moldy, decaying fibers. The plush toys and children's skin directly touch, if unclean, can cause children to tears, erythema, diarrhea and even lung infection.
    Question two: small parts failed to pull
    In addition, some of the goods can not break open the small parts of the tensile failure of the test is also widespread. Small parts that can not be disassembled usually refer to small parts such as eyes, nose and the like which are fixed on plush (cloth) toys. The small parts of such goods simply fall off and danger of asphyxiation and the like can occur once a child has eaten. Insiders suggest that ordinary plush toys are not compulsory certification range, the parents in the purchase of toys should be applied to hand pull a few plush toys, eyes, buttons and other small parts to see if it is loose, to avoid children under 3 years of age devour.
    Select the law of safety toys: a find, two see, three touch, four smell, five asked
    Consumers Association prompt parents, purchasing plush toys can be found through a look, two see, three touch, four smell, five questions approach:
    "Find" - looking for a trademark, usually regulate plush toys manufacturers have a soft toy trademarks, factory name, address;
    "Look" - look at the color, the best choice for consumers zipper behind the toy, so you can see the inside of the core, if the toy back suture too much velvet, it may be inferior products;
    "Touch" - touch is not soft and flexible, feel hard, not smooth plush toys do not purchase;
    "Smell" - smell smell smell, regulate the smell of fresh toys;
    "Ask" - Ask the quote, offer too cheap Do not buy.
    Insiders also pointed out that the purchase of plush toys should be grabbed again and again, qualified plush toys certainly withstand testing, and inferior plush toys through some drag and drop, it will certainly "out of shape" - rendering Lint hair and other questions.

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