Buy plush toys to beware of potential dangers

    Recently, the Consumer Association of Shandong Province respectively purchased 30 kinds of plush toy samples, such as animal plush toys, cartoon character plush toys and foam particle toys from Jinan and Qingdao, and carried out comparative experiments on plush toys.
    After testing, of the 30 plush toys, more than 80% of the toys performed worse than the mechanical ones and were more problematic.
    Parts easy to fall off. There are 21 out of 39 mechanical and physical properties in this comparative test. First, the foreseeable abuse and abuse of toys for children aged 36 months and under the small parts of the toy, 6 samples of toys and other parts of the eyes after the tensile test off the formation of small parts, easy to swallow children, causing the risk of suffocation. 16 samples Plastic bags or plastic films used in packaging or toys are too thin. If they are touched by children, they may cause children to be covered in plastic bags on the face, posing a choking hazard.
    Production failed. The comparison test 12 toys and 18-month-old children's toys on the ribbon or strap formed on the rope is too large, you can set over the child's head, easy to cause injuries to children with injuries; toys on the mouth and feet Line too sparse, easy to cause finger injuries to children's fingers. 4 samples appear cracking, hole phenomenon, some filled cotton, particle bags and other materials can be removed from damaged toys, toys, sewing quality and material strength are also varying degrees of problems.
    Formaldehyde content is high. A comparative test has a sample formaldehyde content of 96.1 mg / kg, exceeding the national standard limit of 20 mg / kg. Children's toys for the play is not limited to hands and feet and other parts of the skin contact, younger children prefer to toy into the mouth, if the formaldehyde content is high, prone to adverse consequences.
    Consumers Association said that as of now, our country has a total of 31 national standards for toys. The 2003 edition of the "National Toy Safety Technical Code" is the most basic and most important national standard for toys. It stipulates the mandatory technical requirements for mechanical properties, combustion properties, migratory chemical elements, marking and description that toys must follow. Recently, AQSIQ, the National Standards Commission has further revised these standards, the new standard will be January 1, 2016 come into operation. Consumers buying plush toys, not only to pay attention to national mandatory product certification mark, but also see the product name, manufacturer information, the main material or composition, the use of age, safety warnings, product certification, etc., to avoid Negligence damages children

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